Childs hooded cardigan

I have completed the cardifan part and now at the hood and I am struggling. Please help me figure how this is done. Am I
Suppose to knit after picking up each of the holders stitches? 1605008011070388282023939248037|900x1200

Start knitting directly from the right front (right front as you would wear the sweater) stitch holder. If you want, you can use the stitch holder as the left hand needle for this first row. If you don’t want to knit from the stitch holder you could transfer the sts to another needle, maybe a dpn or circular needle.

Thank you very much

Does with RS facing mean begin knitting on the right side?

Right side (RS) means with the outside or public side of the sweater facing you.
I hope we get to see a photo of this finished hoodie!

Okay, I really appreciate all the help, however I have another question what does it mean when the pattern now says to, "cont in pat, inc 1 st at marked st of next 9 rows, (the next part is what has me confused) taking inc sts into stocking st.

The hood is worked in some pattern stitch. When you increase, work those increases as knit sts on the RS or public side of the hood and purl sts on the WS or private side of the hood.

What is the name of the pattern and the designer?


Thank you for helping me complete this sweater. Would not have been able to complete it without your help.


Oh, wow! Gorgeous. Well done all around.

thanks again for all your help.

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