Childs hat

I want to knit a hat for a 4 year old. Does anyone know how many stitches should i cast on?

Depends on the pattern, the yarn and ndl sz. Check some existing patterns for children on or and compare to your yarn/ndls.

Do a search under the patterns for hats… It will give you an idea of sizes needed for kids and you might even find a hat you like.

If you are not working from a pattern - you will have to figure out your gauge and then calculate how many sititches to cast on. The amount of sititches you cast on will change based on the yarn and needle size you use in your project. Swatch first - it will save you a lot of work down the road. I just knitted two different baby hats and used two different yarns and needle sizes - for one hat, I CO 74 stitches on the other hat I CO 44… both hats when finished were the same size.

Happy knitting…