Child's car hat

This is the Little Beep hat that is free on Ravelry. It had different colours. Not blocked yet.


This is so darling! Thanks very much for the name. I’ve added it to my favorites. Love the colors you used.

Thanks salmonmac! To do it again I would have made
The wheels red. So they would stand out more.
I heard about duplicate stitch, but afraid to mess it up!

I wanted happy for kids in the shelter. Can’t wait to see your hat one
Day and what colours you choose. Fun to watch the different projects in

Oh that is adorable!! :red_car:

Jan, I can see some little girl loving this hat. Just sayin’.

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Ha! Probably at some point yes. Seeing as we are in socal there’s not many days when hats are even needed. I’ve made her three so when she’s a little older this one would be super cute though for maybe a trip to the snow. :slight_smile: