Children's neckdown bolero question again

Okay, I did what you said and I still can’t get the 48 stitches! I even picked up stitches inbetween stitches and I still only have 42! I guess no one else had this problem? Will it will be alright, I don’t know what else to do

Ginny, I had that problem when I made a sweater for my grand daughter. Had to pick up two loops in some of the stithes, sometimes three. Frogged it [I]three[/I] times until it looked right to me.

Do you have an LYS you can take it into for some moral support? Sometimes all it takes is a second opinion to help you sort it out.

Is there a stitch pattern you follow that absolutely has to have 48 sts? If it’s just ribbing or garter, and the 42 sts looks like it will lie flat, just go with those and don’t sweat the other 6.

No stitch pattern…just 2x2 ribbing…

You should be good to go then, as long as the circumference is right.

Isn’t it great to have something like that work out?