Children's hats

I made all of my daycare children hats for Christmas. Here is a picture of some of them.

How nice of you! They look adorable!

aww what a great idea! They look like they love them, great job :thumbsup:

that is a great gift, they all look very cute in their hats. A lot of work.

Look at all of them - that is a great picture! It must have been so rewarding to be able to make hats for all of them!cloud9

Too cute!!!

WHAT FUN!! Nice job, they are all adorable!

How Cute! I have a Home Daycare too. I crocheted them all hats and mittens for Christmas. I’ve been a crocheter for years now I want to learn to knit. This is a great place to get help and meet friends!

Awww, what an adorable pile of kidlets!
And the hats were such a nice way to say [B][COLOR=DarkRed]I Love You![/COLOR][/B]