Childrens' fascination with knitting

Kids are entranced by the moving needles and lovely yarn! I was watching my son’s swimming lesson last week, also doing some mindless knitting while I was at it (as you do). It was a baby hat… a nice and easy K1, P1 for many many rounds – which mean I could just sit there and not have to actually concentrate on it.

Instead, I was concentrating on the conversation my 6 year old son was having with one of his classmates. It went like this:

Classmate: What is your mum doing?
My son: Knitting
Classmate: Ask her what she’s knitting!
My son: I already know what she’s knitting! It’s a baby hat! (said in an exasperated way as if it SHOULD have been plainly obvious).

I couldn’t help but giggle at him! It seems that the knitted garment is a normal thing to my children and it hadn’t occured to me the fascination it brings to those who don’t knit or know anyone who knits. :rofl: The whole class was rather intrigued by what I was doing. I often get asked by a room full of 6 year olds “What are you doing??” hehe!

How funny! I am actually looking forward to swim lessons next month- hopefully that will be two-2 hour blocks of knitting time each week!

My 5 year old daughter really wants to learn how to knit. She’s got the idea, but she can’t quite control two needles and the working yarn all at once, so I end up with her sitting in my lap so I can catch the needles every time she needs to wrap the yarn. :slight_smile:

awwww…my dd will be 5 in October and she is showing interest but I am POSTIVE that she doesn’t have the patience for it…besides…it took me until I was 26 to get enough patience! I really would like to teach her but I just don’t think she’ll be ready any time soon…just sitting still is hard for her–she has so much energy!!

My dd is taking seim lessons and starts soccer next week…I guess that’s what I could do during practice–knit!! w/ soccer it’s hard for me to knit b/c her practices are so short and I’m so interested in the sport–it’s hard for me not to run out there and be the coach (I played in HS and college).

Christy, LOL my dd only sits still for it for about 5 min at a time… she hasn’t actually done more than about 10 stitches. :slight_smile:

I’ve got 2 dd’s and one best friend (of my oldest dd) in swim lessons this time around, so I don’t know if I’ll get to knit, or if I’ll be refereeing the whole time…


ETA: wow, I just noticed in your sig that you have a 1 month old son?! I’m impressed that you manage to fit in any knitting! :slight_smile:

the folks around here will tell ya that I probably do more talking about ds than knitting lately…but I am sitting here w/ the laptop open and knitting a sock for my dd (was supposed to be for a baby but perhaps my guage was wrong…it’ll fit my 4yo!! LOL!!). My little guy is sleeping right now…so he can stay up all night!


I have to say,

I’ve taught my 7 y/o DS to knit and he is really good. His tension is only a wee bit wonky, and that is because he is afraid to slide the stitches up in case they fall off, so he pulls on the stitch a fair amount.

But he won’t really knit often. I just have a nice child sized pair of needles with about 25 stitches across on it and some Red Heart (it puts up with his pulling).

Anyhow… he’s done about 3 inches in 3 months.

He’ll watch me and grab it and knit for a row (say about 10 mins worth) and then put it away.

And I am thrilled with that :smiley: :heart: :heart:

But it took me a lot of patience to teach them that far

My DD is 5, and she can say the rhyme and knows the idea. She will hold the left needle, and wrap the yarn, but I have to do the rest.

And I am thrilled with that too :smiley: :heart: :heart:

But it took a lot of patience :teehee: And the ability to say, “no more, walk away or Mommy will have to go and lock herself in the bathroom for a few minutes again!” :heart:

Hi there! My son didn’t start knitting until he was in his twenties! Now he knits all the time. I don’t recall any of the boys asking to learn, and I didn’t offer, that I can remember. They were always interested in what I was doing, but didn’t want to try it. In the Mason-Dixon book I believe they talk about little kids fingerknitting. And making the long strand with those loops for looms. Kids might like to do that. And then you can knit with whatever they fingerknit? samm

I met a little 4-year old girl and her grandmother at the car dealership and she was fascinated by my knitting too. (actually there were several adults interested ;)).

She was bored stiff waiting for their car to be serviced, so I let her look at my knitting book from which I was making a dog sweater, and she loved the book with all the dog pictures. We got to talking and I showed her how to knit & purl. She thought the little plastic socks on the ends of my needles which hold the stitches in place were cute, so I gave her a pair to keep.

She doesn’t have any knitters in her family, so hopefully I helped inspire little Courtney to become a knitter when she grows to have some dexterity. :slight_smile: I encouraged her grandmother to get something for kids to keep her interested until she does. It was a fun and special meeting :wink:

I taught my son to finger knit (which is like a crochet chain over your finger) when he was four, so he would leave my knitting alone. It kept him occupied for a bit. He is now almost 6 and showing no interest. He also doesn’t like any knitted jumpers or vests, the only thing I have made for him with his approval is a crocheted stuffed snake.
My 3 1/2yo DD likes to watch for a bit and used to like stabbing at a ball of yarn with the needles, but doesn’t really want to do it. I don’t expect her to til she is at least 7 or 8. My one year old DD, LOVEs to play with balls of yarn, and carry them around!

The only interest my son has in my knitting (he’s 18 months) is to drape himself over my lap whenever I pick it up! I try and sneakily pick it up when he’s happily playing but he notices in the end. :doh:

Ali, I taught my daughter to finger knit when she was 4, too :smiley: …she really wanted to knit like me but I thought we should work on the manual dexterity a bit. :wink: Now she’s 6 and she can do a simple cast on and knit with some assistance – she just doesn’t get that you have to keep practicing. We finished about 12 rows together and she was all, “okay, done. now I know how to knit.” :roflhard:


5/6 is such a cute age. I keep getting in trouble for calling my son ‘baby’. He gets SO offended, but he IS a baby! It just slips out!

My 3yo DS is absolutely fascinated with knitting. He’ll even point out other people out in public wearing sweaters and say “Is that knitted, Momma?” He likes to watch me knit, for some weird reason.

My 9 month old DD just likes to get into my knitting bag to unravel yarn and chew on needles.

Hi, Ali! I like your signature!! LOL I can relate to that… I’m actually an American, but I’ve been living in NZ for the past 5 years. So of course I had to have a giggle at your siggy! Hehe…

what part of Australia are you from?

Finger knitting? What is that? Does anyone have a link?


Ali–I love your sig too–just today I was thinking, “now what the heck is a jumper”…

It took me a while to learn the different terms when I got here Cristy. I also thought 'what on EARTH is a jumper?" LOL I call it a jersey more than a jumper. But it’s just a way of saying sweater. Hehe.

Also, “boot” means “trunk”, “jelly” is “jello”, “bonnet” is the hood of the car, “duvet” is a blanket/bed spread, and “rubbish” is “garbage”.

When I first arrived in NZ, my husband told me he’d put my suitcase into the boot. I actually looked down at my foot and then to him like he was crazy!! :roflhard: I had NO idea what he was talking about! Luckily, the knitting language is universal (mostly). :rofl:

Well…at least we are starting to use “duvet” a little more often…

finger knitting: