Child Support help needed

I am trying to find some resources for a good friend of mine. Her son has been formally diagnosed with Asperger’s, and already had hearing loss and special needs. She really got shafted on child support, (two kids, one is special needs, and she only gets 400 a month, and he makes into the 100,000’s a year. oy) and is going to file an amendment to it in Kansas.

The problem is she can’t afford a lawyer, so is looking for resources to assist her in filing, or just a website she can post on to get some good information and feedback to do this all herself.

If anyone knows of anything I can pass on to her, I would be grateful.

If she is on public assistance they usually have people to help with those things.

Has your friend tried contacting Social Services? I see that you are in Montana, here is a link for the state’s social services website:

The government can help you, if you know ways to squeeze every little bit out of it … all I had to search for was Montana State Social Services … you may be able to find more about what you are looking for, searching for something more specific. Hope this helps.

Oh, I see your friend is in Kansas. Here are some links for that:

She lives in Georgia, but the divorce was in KS, and her ex still lives there, so apparently she has to apply for the amendment there. She isn’t on public assistance, but can’t touch the bit of retirement money she got in the divorce.

I think she really just needs to find a board where people have been there, done that, and can give a little advice and support. It would also help if she could just talk to someone about procedure, or read about it somewhere, but it seems as if it’s difficult to suss all that out.

I just really feel for her. She was trying so hard to keep everything together, and he already had another chick waiting to move in, so she basically got out lawyered and rammed through the system. She should be getting three times what she is getting for her two sons, and now that she has another diagnosis for her disabled son it would be a good time to file an amendment.

Having been through this with my ex, the best advice I can give you is to call the state attorney general.

Here in Texas, my ex played job hopscotch, and we finally got the state involved, and they filed with his job to force the employer to garnish his wages. Of course, he wasnt paying at all, and owes me over 10 grand.

TBH, I think that the state AG could help her with legal papers, and stuff, especially with the new diagnosis for her son.

Best of luck to her! I know exactly how she feels! :hug:

Kansas does have a legal aid program. It’s based on your income. Here’s their site. HTH.

I will pass it on to her, but I am not sure if she can qualify for legal aid because she is no longer a resident of KS. It was good to get back to her family and away from him, but it seems to have complicated things up a bit.

In most states she does not need an attorney to apply for modification of Child support, she just needs to file the appropriate papers with the Family Court. She needs to contact the court where the current support order is issued from and she can get the paperwork to file for an amendment, but will have to appear in court there.

Most states have a pretty cut and dried formula for figuring child support. For example, in NYS child support is 17% of the non custodial parents income for one child, 25% for two and so on. Other expenses are negtiable but child support is very clear.

also, depending on how long ago the child support was ordered, most states have a set time frame in which you can simply request a modification. i worked in child support in ohio, and i am dealing with it now in MO on my own case. in both states, after 3 years, you can request a modification. you do not need a lawyer. you must simply fill out papers and submit them. the trick will be to get him to do it, but legally, he is required.

Every state must differ. My DH’s ex files for a modification EVERY YEAR because she knows that he is a union worker and the union gets a good raise every year. So every year he goes back to court and the support goes up. His lawyer told him not to even bother hiring him to go to court, he’d just have to bill him for a given outcome.

Mine has taken me for modification twice cause he kept getting jobs that paid less and less so he would have to play less and less.

He obviously doesnt know that I know hes about to move to another company, and as soon as he does, Im getting a mod. 11 year olds are NOT cheap! :fingerwag:

And the older they get, the more they cost. I think some states have that mixed up. My 15 yo definately requires more money than a newborn!!

Tell me about it.

My ex wont help pay for our daughters band supplies…says I take all his money for CS, and hes broke…then his wife goes and buys DD a $28 dollar bottle of hair serum. That $28 could have bought the cleaning kit for her instrument.