Child Sized Hat

Well this is officially my second FO besides scarves. I had made a chenille throw for my grandma for Christmas but was unabel to find my camera before I gave it away.

Now I must find a child who’s head is as small as Winter Pooh’s!

Give it to Whinnie the Pooh :eyebrow:

Anywho… it looks great, and some kid (or bear) will be very happy. :thumbsup:

That’s really cute!! You could give it to charity, they would find someone it would fit! Or Winnie the Pooh does look very happy in his new hat, and it could remind you of your first venture into non-flat items everytime you saw it.

:cheering: great job!

Great job!!!

Oh, you scared me for a minute! :shock: I thought you had a little kid with a serious need of rhinoplasty! :rofl: The hat is gorgeous, now go forth and find a child’s head for it!