Child poncho- what can I do besides garter stitch?

I am making a poncho for my 5 year old niece. I am using Bernat Softee Chunky which is actually a really nice soft feeling yarn. I am using THIS pattern, which is basically the same as YarnMommy’s directions for a simple poncho, making 2 rectangles and seaming them together. This worked great for another poncho I made, but it was with a fuzzier, bumpier yarn, and the stitch itself doesn’t even show at all - it just looks like a nice cozy fabric. With the yarn I’m using for this one though, the garter stitch is really obvious and kind of ugly in my opinion.

Is there another stitch I could use that would look nicer?? I would do stockinette except that it rolls itself.

Any suggestions??


I’m not familiar with the yarn you are using… but what about a seed stitch?

OR, check out some of THESE STITCH PATTERNS

Thanks to you both! I’m going to go with the moss stitch – similar to seed stitch I guess except that it’s Row 1&2 K1P1 and Row 3&4 P1K1. It looks a whoooooole lot nicer than garter stitch but will be a lot more work and won’t finish as quickly but that’s okay. I’ll actually have to keep track of my rows :wink: