Chicagoland Yarn Quest Road Trip

Hello ladies, since the closing of Kool Knits my LYS I have felt the loss of being surrounded by fiber on a weekly basis so I have planned a Fiber Quest via a chartered motorcoach to one of the best yarn shops I’ve ever been to, Threadbear in Lansing MI.

On May 5th, we will leave the Naperville area and head out for a day trip with up to 40 of your fellow fiber enthusiasts. I have arranged for lunch as well and it is included in the day trip price of $65.00 Motorcoaches are really expensive to charter and I will not put down a deposit until I have 30 knitters signed up…Currently there are 23 knitters willing to make the trip to yarn nirvana with me. You’ll find more details on my blog

I hope you’ll join me in celebrating Cinco de Mayo with the fine folks at Threadbear. They have assured me that they are planning something special for us that day.

This sounds great and I do have this goal of visiting every yarn shop in the US if not the entire world!

I’m gonna check on things at work and let you know very soon.

And thanks for putting something so fun together - what a great idea!

ooo that sounds WONDERFUL Dee!!!

I would love to have you on board…You will be astounded when you see the shop. I have been wanting to spend the night there ever since I stepped foot in the place. Please let me know as soon as possible so I can add you to the list.