Chicago Cubs scarf

How did Nonny make this wonderful scarf? My friend is dying for me to make it for her husband. I found it on knitting help and later on her blog. I can’t find an email address for her.



That looks like stitches where cast on in alternating colours for the stripes (i.e. 5 blue, 5 red, 5 blue etc etc) and then where knitted in garter stitch (knit every row) until the desired length, twisting the yarn together at the colour change to prevent gaps. The tassles would have been added adterward and it looks like a badge was sewn or appliqued on afterward too, but i coud be wrong.

It looks like the scarf was made horizontally. So, however long you want the scarf that is how many stitches you cast on, knit the stripes for as wide as you want them switching between blue and red to create the stripes. Then add the fringe and patch and or logo after the scarf is completed. By the by the scarf looks approx. 10 garter stitches wide and I would say you probably need a needle 32" or 29" long.

Try PMing Nonny to see if she wouldn’t mind giving you more details on making the scarf.