Chicago Cubs scarf

My son is a huge Chicago Cubs fan and I made this for his birthday next month. I am making him a watch cap style hat with my first time foray into duplicate stitch so I will post it when I have it all finished. I used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Winter Night and Red. The patch cost me twice what the combined yarn and shipping cost! :lol:

It looks wonderful! I’m sure he’ll be pleased!

Good work, Mom. Little boys have to have their “cool” stuff just like the girls, and it is worth the extra once in a while to know you have really pleased them. I look forward to seeing the hat.

:roflhard::rofl::roflhard: My “little” boy will be 34 next month, but he still looks forward to his mama making him his presents!


From the boys pictured on your Avatar, I thought you had little ones. :slight_smile: My only boy is 39 and he has sisters 37, 33 and 26. Are those grandkids in the picture? I have 6 of those and other due in October. It doesn’t sound like you were offended. I’m glad for that. Merigold

They are my sweet babies. They’re my two grandsons, Jackson the baby is now 3 months (son’s baby) and Thomas is 7 going on 30 and is my dd’s son. The Otis sweater I posted the same day as the scarf was for my dd’s birthday in November and she will be 30. I thought it was funny and not offended at all as to me my big strapping 6’5" son will always be my little boy in my heart!

Looks wonderful!! He will love it :happydance:

looks great- and getting the patch was a brilliant idea. (and he will always be your little boy… lol…)

did you get the patch on eBAY or something? now you have me thinking about a Viking’s scarf for my hubby… (the Viking’s colors are purple and gold, what a combo!)

:heart:Love it! Great job!:thumbsup:


Actually, I bought it at a Cubs website. I was having a hard time finding what I wanted and found it at this memorabilia website so I figure that is why I paid $$ for it. Thanks for the comments!