Chez Casuelle references

Has anyone ever heard of Chez Casuelle Yarns? If so can please tell me if it is a trust worthy site. I would like to buy some Malabrigo from them but I don’t want to get ripped-off. I don’t know anything about the different yarn sites so I really need some help. :shrug: Thanks

Nadja xxx

I bought my Lorna’s Laces Lion and Lamb for my Clapotis from Carla. I highly recommend her. I had absolutely no problems. Since her stock is all “luxury” yarns sometimes she doesn’t have a particular shade in stock and has to order it. I simply e-mailed her first and asked how much of the yarn that I wanted she had in stock. She responded quickly and provided me with a 20% discount code (since the yarn was @ 32.00 a skein - YIKES). I really was pleased. Once my bank account is healthy again (I just paid tuition for grad school) I really want to buy some of the Fiesta “La Boheme” from her. If you’re in Florida she now has a storefront too.

Thank you so much for your help. I’ve never bought yarn on line before and I’m just a little leary.

Nadja xxx

I totally understand! Just be watchful (as I’m sure you know) that the page you enter your info on is secure (look for https in front of the www on the URL).

Hope you love the yarn you buy!

My knitting guild took a field trip to her store a month or so ago … I didn’t get to go … but … the yarn they brought for “show and tell” was YUMMY! They loved Carla and her store and her yarn! For anyone close to Orlando she will have a booth at the “Florida Fiber-In” Sept. 15 - 17 !!! I can’t wait! There will also be free demos and a silent auction and a giant stash sale and swap on Sunday afternoon. I will post more about the Fiber In when I have demo times.