Chevron type blanket

I made a mistake on the chevron blanket I’m making. I decided that rather than rip it out (which I have done a lot of) I’ll just repeat the mistake and it will look purposeful.
Anyway, I’m not sure how I did it!

The pattern is k2, purl to last 2 then k2
next row : k2, kfb,k4,s1,k2 tog, psso, k4- kfb2, k4, s1, k2tog,psso, k4
next row knit-
repeat pattern row.
On one part, I have two ridges together- this is the mistake I wanted to repeat
I was doing this and thought it was the pattern row I needed to repeat- but apparently not! Pattern row is right side only I did it twice and now I am back on the right side and dont know what to do next or how to fix it! Please Help!:knitting:

A picture might help us. Check the link in my sig for appropriate size and how to post pix.

Yes a picture would help. You may have repeated row 1 or 3 but it’s hard to tell. The best thing may be to rip out the second ridge and replace it with a row (either a knit or purl row) that will continue the pattern without the second ridge. Putting in a lifeline might help in case this happens again and using a row counter or a paper and pencil to count off rows will help keep track of where you are.

Its a little too late to rip out the second ridge- its on the bottom and I’m almost done- but I will post a pic- thanks

OK. If you knit two rows, one after the other or purl consecutive rows, that will give you a ridge. Maybe you can try that at the beginning of the row and see if it gives you the pattern you want.

oddly enough- I recreated my mistake where I needed to and I have no idea how I did it- but thanks anyway for the help!:knitting: