Chevron stitch

I’ve been wanting to knit a chevron scarf and eventually a blanket.
i found this pattern and thankfully it comes with a video on how to work the pattern.
Just one question;
When she says cast on multiples of 14+2
Do I cast on 32 and so on? So…

I want to make a bulky infinity scarf.

Cast on a multiple of 14 (28, 42, 56 . . .) then add 2. To do 4 repeats it would be (4x14) + 2 = 58.

Thanks for the link. I really like the pattern with a multiple so I can do the size I want. :slight_smile:

You are my knitting savour! Lol

So to do a bulky infinity scarf I would do more than 4 repeats correct?
I feel like such a dummy some times trying to understand this stuff. Lol

The best I can offer is to suggest that you try a few repeats to get used to doing the pattern, see how wide it is and from that determine how many stitches you’ll need to cast on. You will probably want more than 4 repeats, that was just a quick example. AND Welcome to KH! This is where I really learned to knit after I could make knits and purls.

I just realized you said you want to do an infinity scarf, not a plain scarf. How are you planning to do this? Will you be knitting in the round or joining the ends together after knitting? In the round will give you the points up and down when it’s worn. You could seam the ends together if you’d rather knit it flat. If you’re planning on joining the pointy ends that could be tricky and I would have no clue how you’d do it. You would need someone much smarter than me to help with that.

You could still join it lengthwise because a zig will align with a zag and vice versa.
It seems a shame to lose the pretty points however. I like GG’s idea of knitting this sideways so that you preserve the points at top and bottom.