Chevron Scarf

I found this free pattern
For a Scarf I want to make. Just thought I would share.

That’s pretty.

I just have to finish at least two of my 4 projects I am working on and then I will start that one.

Wow - that’s VERY attractive - I have JUST the right wool to use to knit it! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern.

I’ve started this and it’s fun … I’m thinking of doing ten rows in one colour and then ten in another so that I have three balls of yarn on the go.

But, as I’ve not gotten up to the first colour change it occurred to me this might get messy at the edges when I change yarn.

Any ideas about doing this without making the edge messy by sewing ins?

I found this pattern easier to follow by typing it out thus:

k1 kfb k4 skpo k2tog
k4 kfb kfb k4 skpo k2tog
k4 kfb kfb k4 skpo k2tog
k4 kfb k1

but then again my brain is old …

Glad you’re enjoying the pattern, David. It does look fun, and it makes such a nice looking scarf.

Yeah, that’s the problem with stripes–you have to do something with the yarn when you’re not knitting with it. I can only think of two ways to deal with it: either carry the unused yarn up the side or cut it and weave in the ends. I would think that weaving in the ends would be less messy and less noticeable but much more of a pain in the neck.

I wonder if you could convert this pattern to in the round and still have it come out looking like the original but “double-sided” so to speak.

Anywho, perhaps someone with more knowledge can point you to a better solution!

i’ve decided not to change colours: too damned tricky on scarf’s edges and am very happy with how it’s progressing

knitted about 7 inches of it so far …

I wish I could knit that quick

I am so glad you are liking the pattern :slight_smile:
I have to get my but moving and start it.

Heather - I never watch T.V. without knitting (there, the secret’s out). This can, at times, be disastrous, especially if the pattern requires some concentration (like this scarf).

I don’t watch much tv. I listen to my music with my head phones :slight_smile:
I can’t watch tv in my house because there is always cartoons on. My two sons take over the TV.