Chevron Scarf Question

Hi all. I am making a scarf and have a question about the pattern.

It says: CO54 (multiples of 13 + 2). Knit one row (WS).

Row 1 (RS): Knit 1 selvedge st, K2tog, K4, yo, k1, yo, k4, SSK, repeat to last st, knit 1 selvedge.

So, it seems to me that:

k2tog = 2st; k4 = 4st; yo = 1st; k1 = 1st; yo = 1st; k4 = 4st; and SSK = 2st, which equals 15 stiches, and not 13. I suspect I am doing something wrong, but I can’t figure out what it is.

When I do this as written, the last “set” of stitches does not go to the last asterisk and, instead, stops at the second yo. Is there an error in the pattern, or is this intentional in the design? I am very confused.


K. This is what is actually happening:

K2tog = 1st; k4 = 4st; yo = 1st; k1 = 1 st; yo = 1 st; k4 = 4st; and ssk = 1st.

You are not knitting 2 in the first stitch, you are knitting 2 together to make 1 stitch, and in the final stitch, you are reversing this decrease by slipping a stitch purlwise, slipping another stitch purlwise, then inserting the tip of your left needle into the back of these sitches and knitting them into 1 stitch. The 2 yo’s replace the 2 stitches that you lost, keeping you at your original stitch count.

Right, I understand that the section of stitches there makes 13st on the right needle once it’s completed, but it seems like it’s taking more stitches than that to accomplish it.

Like, when I’m doing the actual knitting, k2tog uses 2 stitches off of the left needle. So, what I’m saying is that the section of stiches uses 15 stitches, and therefore the last set of stitches doesn’t finish.

Is this making sense? I am having a hard time explaining it.

just forget the yo’s are there then when you do your adding, you are merely ‘shuffling’ things around so to speak. They are always just 2 stitches… this is hard without drawing you a picture. The yo replaced that stitch on the next row, it isn’t there at first (in your first row), so you shouldn’t add it in…

I do this to check things… draw 54 strokes onto a piece of paper and label them as the sts, marking new dashes above for the next row it creates (turning the k2tog into 1 st, adding in the yo, etc) which i just did and it works out fine. Have you knitted this up yet, or are you overthinking the numbers?

Just spent 20 minutes staring at this response screen trying to articulate this better, but i’m having trouble, it’s only 8 in the morning… Maybe i’ll scan in my pic to see if it helps :shrug:

Thank you for the advice… I haven’t knitted it up yet, but after we get back from dinner, I’m going to try and see how it goes. Maybe it is just the first row that gets a little weird, and the rest of them are fine… I dunno.


I bolded your ‘uses’ because this is the part you are getting caught on. The yo doesn’t ‘use’ any stitches, cause it’s not there yet…

When you do the ssk, are you doing a ssk decrease or are you doing a slip, slip, knit and using an extra stitch?