Chevron Lace Pattern

I’m new to lace knitting and reading charts. Attached is the chart for the Chevron Lace part of the stole.
I’ve started the first row reading right to left and it has nine stitches. However just 8 stitches are repeated across the row after the first set of 9. (is that right?)
Then row 2, I read from left to right. Again 9 stitches are there but after the first set then I go back to 8 stitches.
My main question is: In row 1 after I’ve done the first 9 stitches, then do I ignore the first Knit stitch and go straight onto the SSK.
On row 2, after I’ve done the first 9 stitches, then the next 8 stitches, do I ignore the last purl stitch and go straight to a knit stitch.
This is what I did, and followed suit on the rest of the rows, but it didn’t seem right.
Any suggestions?

It’s supposed to be an 8 st repeat, not 9, the YO adds a stitch, it doesn’t use one. But I get 10 sts to start the first row and you end up with 9, so something’s wrong in either the chart or the instructions. What’s the pattern, do you have a link to it?

The chart is right. How do you get 10 stitches?:?? Can you explain how the first set is 10? I can’t give you a link unfortunately - its an Australian magazine - I’ve been trying to find a copy somewhere else on the net but no such luck.


Ack, I’m having a hard time getting the chart open again, but what I remember from earlier is that there’s 2 decs and 1 yo in the first row. There are 8 boxes, each of which denotes an action. Unless I was reading the chart wrong… I don’t know if that’s a copy of the original, but some of those symbols are difficult to figure out, even with enlarging it.

okay, finally got it open, here’s how the first row reads to me –
p1, p2togtbl, p1, YO, k3, k2tog, k1 - and that uses 10 sts, less 2 decs plus 1 inc = 9 sts at the end of the row.

Yes, the first row starts with 10 but leaves you with 9. You’ve got 2 k2togs and 1 YO so that’s -2 +1

the first row count:
k1 1 stitch
k2tog 2 & 3 st
k1 4th st
k3 5,6,7 sts
k2tog 8, 9 sts
k1 10 stitches - 2 + 1 = 9

O.K. the chart must not be coming up properly for you guys.
The first row is as follows reading from right to left
Row 1: knit,ssk,knit,yarn over,knit,yarn over,knit,k2tog,knit
Row 2: knit,p2tog,purl,yarn over,purl,yarn over,purl,p2tog tbl,purl (reading from left to right)
I get 9 stitches on the right needle after the first set on row 1. The 8 stitch repeat starts from the ssk on row 1. Do I just leave out the first knit when I do the repeat across the row.
Hope this makes more sense:thumbsup:

Thanks for typing that out, that’s not at all how the chart looked in your attachment.

Yep, just leave off the first k st when you do the repeat.

Thank goodness that’s sorted!:woohoo:
My next question is when I come to do row 2 and go from left to right I assume I leave off the last purl stitch when I do the repeat.
I’ve been doing that but the pattern is not coming out right.
Maybe I’ll start again and see if there’s any improvement.

Ummmm, or leave off the first one… Try it without the first. In the original chart, are there heavier lines or different colored ones that mark off the repeated stitches? Are the stitch pattern rows written out? If there are, it’s usually easier to tell which sts are repeated.

On the chart the 8 stitch repeat starts at the left hand side. It is simply shaded under the bottom of the chart and says 8 stitch repeat. The last stitch as it would be on row 2 or the first stitch as it would be on row 1 are not included in the 8 stitch repeat.