Chevron bath/kitchen mitts

Just had to share this pattern link, especially for those of us who like: to start Christmas early, fast gifts, and/or patterns of all sorts.

This cotton mitt would make into the perfect last minute quick knit gift! Who couldn’t use one these for the bath or the kitchen???:figureditout:

Those are cute. What colors are you using?

Those are cute! I actually don’t use my dishcloths for washing just wiping counters or spills on counter. I use a scrubbie for washing. Cute idea though for these. I’m sure many people would use them for washing.

Thanks very much for the link. Those are very handy and cheery. Nicely done!

I have a boatload of red, green, and white Dishie worsted that I’m looking at using up for my family Christmas “grab one of these and take home cause I love y’all” box of gifts which includes a bunch of Ballband dishcloths (thanks ArtLady, you created a monster! :roflhard: ), and some cotton multi’s with matching solids that I need to get rid of.

When I get one finished, I’ll post a pic.

That’s a great idea, Charlotte! Those will all be wonderful for “I love you” gifts!