Chestnuts, am I the only one?

I LOVE chestnuts. But it seems that everyone I try to introduce to them doesn’t like them:pout: I have a very simple recipe that has been handed down for generations, and every year at xmas time it’s a special treat, because that is the only time you can find them in the stores.
heat oven to 450
slice chestnut pre-cooked in an x across the flat part
bake for 10-15 min
wrap in towel soaked and wrung of cool water until cool enough to peel
peel, lightly salt, yum!:yay:
Just wondering if I am “nutty” or if anyone else likes them? Is this an Upper Michigan thing (where I grew up)

You’re not the only one, I love chestnuts, too! I don’t salt mine. (I grew up on the west coast)


LOVE Love love
lovelovelovelove Love
Nothing makes me happier than roasted chestnuts, in stuffing, or out in a bowl, I Love them
the flavor is like NOTHING else
I will have to stop going on and on
I love them (did I say that)


I’ve never had them the old fashioned Christmas carol way. But by brother and I just talked about this very subject a week ago! He’s had them before but never made them himself. I’ll have to pass along your “recipe” :thumbsup:

I’m not terribly fond of roasted chestnuts, but if you make them into a soup, I’m there! Although I haven’t tried them roasted since I discovered the soup, I might like them better now.

When you say Roasted chestNUT, I expected a roasted nutty flavor, and crunch… not the soft mild flavor I got. I imagine that’s a large amount of why I didn’t care for them.

Try feeding them to people without identifying them, see if that makes a difference.

Oh, and I buy bags of frozen chestnuts at this time of year and store them in the freezer to use all year.

I love 'em, too, just never had them fresh and roasted! We throw the canned ones into the dressing, YUM! I’ll have to try the fresh ones!

Bro and I were discussing if they are like boiled peanuts. On foodnetwork Paula Deen did a bit on that. My brother said a guy he was in the army with pined for boiled peanuts and would get them in tins from home. I’ve not had boiled peanuts, but I’m not sure what they would be like. I imagine they would be like eating baked beans? :shrug:

OMG! You poor child, Boiled Peanuts are DELISH!!! The fresh ones are SUPER DELISH… I think every convenience store between here and Atlanta has them. Mary

I’ve never even tried one or seen one except on tv or such. Do they have a taste similar to any other nut as I pretty much love all nuts.

I’ve never even seen them sold anywhere down here. In fact, I am not sure I ever saw them in Northwest Indiana where I grew up either, but I imagine since you Michigan folks eat them they were probably somewhere up there.

Indiana is big on walnuts at Christmas, which I don’t care for unless in my kieflies.

I am a cashew freak.

I always thought they tasted like warm soft nutty meaty something…:?? I guess it’s a mellow taste, but if you aren’t expecting it I guess it can taste weird.
Thanks for the tip on freezing them! but at $5.99 a pound I can’t afford to do a lot of that!

i like them but i’m allergic.

Ok, I saw some at the store just yesterday and just looked at them because I didn’t know how to cook them. I’m going to get some next time and try roasting them.

If they’re anything like a boiled peanut, my family will love them. They can’t get enought boiled peanuts. Any nut for that matter. Once whole nuts are available in the grocery store, we buy them all season long.

pm me if you have questions, but it really is simple! pull one out of the oven at about 10 min, if it’s still a bit too hard they aren’t done. they should be easy to peel out of the shell and pull apart nicely.

I’m with Nonny! I’ve never actually seen any either. They must not be available around here…

But…boiled peanuts? Yumm!! Grew up on those babies - love them!!!

love chestnuts - but not enough to mess around with roasting them. The ones wqe do wheile caroling are cut and par-boiled for us by a restauraunt - then we do roast them over a grill. VERY popular.

I’ve never had a chestnut, but my uncle kept boiled peanuts around all the time. I think he practically lived off of them…(and beer)

Yum! Chestnuts! I eat them straight out of the toaster with no salt. They are the best!

We now roast them in the toaster oven as opposed to over an open fire (as suggested by the christmas carol) because a few decades ago my grandfather accidentally set fire to his couch while attempting to roast chestnuts.


I never thought of a toaster oven!:yay:
I am so glad that I have had so many responses, my DH hates them, but they are such a tradition that I have to have them even if I am not home for the holidays

I bought some today! I’m going to go roast them right now! :slight_smile:

Have fun! let me know how they turn out!