Cherry felted purse

i am so exited! my mom is always saying i never knit for her (which is a load of bologna)but anyway i wanted to do something special for her birthday so i came up with this purse. my mom loves cherries, i hope she likes it. thanks for letting me share!

That’s adorable! Great job!

That is beautiful!!! Your mom is going to love that.

thank you!!! :heart: :heart:

Looks delicious!

thank you! thank you!!

So cute! I just love the cherries!


The cherries are adorable. The bag is wonderful, great job!


The cherries are adorable. The bag is wonderful, great job!

:inlove: It looks like something you’d buy in a store - what a wonderful job!

What a great job!!! :happydance: How many did you cast on and how many ridges? My grandma lives in Montana and has cherry orchards and she would love this purse. Did you do bobbles for the cherries? It’s a perfect size also.

That looks amazing – love the cherries!

Wow! You did a great job!

How adorable!! I’d love :inlove: to get that for my birthday!

Wow, that is so adorable! Your mom will love it!

Soooooooooooooooo cute! I’m sure she’ll love it :slight_smile:

if thats your pattern enter it to knitty or some other magazine, because i bet it will sell in a heartbeat! i want to make it, too. what a wonderful sweet bag.

thank you!! do you really thnk it is knitty worthy?

Oh, yeah…it’s very nice & not something that we’ve seen before :wink: I think that you should submit it…Knitty, MagKnits, knitpicks, etc :wink: Your mom is going to :heart: love :heart: it!!!

wow! thank you!!