Cherry Cupcake Hat & Scarf set

this is so precious! I LOVE IT:muah:

That is SOOO cute!!

Oh yes, I have a cupboard dedicated to my stash! It may not be big enough as time goes by but I think I can still stuff a lot more into it LOL!

those are so darn cute!

Omg! That is SOO cute!:woohoo: :yay: :thumbsup: :happydance: :cheering:

That is just adorable!! The colors and yarn look perfect for the project. I hear you on not making things twice. I’m kind of like that too. LOL

Oh some little girl would certainly feel very special in that. It is too pretty, very very nice work. :yay:

:yay: OMG Sooo cute. I wish my little girl could or would wear those. Maybe someday I can knit them for someone.


How cute! :heart:

OMG you did an excellent job!! I love it!! I bought the itty bitty hats book and was wondering whether or not to get the other one (that has this pattern in it), and I guess now I need to!!!