Cherry Cupcake Hat & Scarf set

Hello everyone! It’s been a coupl eof months I think since I have been here! We have been so busy finishing our basement (including a craftroom for me yay!) that I haven’t had much time for knitting or anything else! Mind you I didn’t completely put the knitting away! I have been working on this set for a friend who asked me to make it for her granddaughter. I had already made one hat like it and thought it was so cute that it would be fun to make another! Well, I think I have discovered that I only want to knit something once LOL!! And this was my first scarf … didn’t care much for making it though.

The pattern is from one of the Itty Bitty books. Love the stuff in those books!

Oh my goodness!! That is sooo cute!! I’ll have to check out that pattern. :slight_smile: Thanks

OMG Gina! That is the cutest thing ever! Nice job on the them! :yay:

Those are so adorable! Would they look good on a two year old, or are they made for smaller kidlets?

This set is sooo cute! :yay:

Actually the size I did is for 1-2 yr old. The pattern has instructions for smaller too (largest is the 1-2). I have a feeling I should have made the scarf a little longer but it’s done now!! And thanks!

Very cute. I am sure the little girl will love them.

So cute. You did a wonderful job. I know that little girl is going to love those. :woot:

Absolutely adorable . :slight_smile: I love them .
I am glad that you are back and it is great news that you have a craft room :slight_smile:

Aww, they’re so sweet and adorable!

Absolutely adorable…the little girl will love it.I’ll have to check out that pattern

Oh that is just sooo cute!! i love it!! i love how the bobbles look like berries.

I have this book and I’ve wanted to knit these…you did a great job!

Simply Adorable!!!

:inlove: too cute!!

[B]Gina:[/B] that is such an adorable set! I am sure the little girl is going to love them and the Mom will be thrilled as well. Nice that you have a craft room now. Did you put stash storage in it? I hope you had a really nice Thanksgiving!

Oh. My. Goodness. Is that cute or what???

That is the cutest thing ever! You did a great job :slight_smile:

omg that is adorable

Gina, these are just precious! How adorable and you’ve done them so well!