Cherie Amour Lace Pattern Confusion

Well, I’m trying to do a test swatch for this pattern:

On the first lace pattern I am rather confused. On both sides of the red repeat box there are 1’s. I understand that this means row one, but why does it say row one twice? Also the gray box has me bewildered. What is it’s purpose? Looking at the glossary below the “Neckline Decrease Chart” leaves me with no gained knowledge because no symbols are shown.:think:

Usually lace charts don’t leave me this confused. Please help!

I think the gray box is a mistake. It should be a stitch, since there are 12 stitches in the pattern repeat (all cast-ons are a multple of 12).

Gray boxes usually mean no stitch, but there’s no reason to have that in this particular chart.:??

The fact that there is a row number at the end of each row of the first lace pattern isn’t important, either. Just an extra labeling.

Thanks. I guess I’ll just have to put away that pattern until it has been fixed.

I think you can still do it. Just knit that gray box as a stitch and you should be right on track.