Chenille yarn

has anyone knitted a pillow with the chenille yarn. i have a pattern for a pillow but calls for velour and no one carries that, so i thought i would try chenille. any suggestions thanks maggie

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. It sounds like a good idea.

I love the look and feel of chenille, but you have to watch out for “worming” - loops sneaking out between your stitches because of the way chenille is made. Hopefully someone can explain this better, or this link will give you an idea:

It depends on the fiber content, etc, as to how bad the problem is, too.

The chenille I’ve seen cannot be machine washed, so watch out for that if you’re not fond of hand washing!


IMO… Ihave knitted with Lion brand chenille thicknquick when I first started knitting and chenille (to me) doesn’t " give", is harder to work with and made my hands ache…

Hopefully your experience will be better

but it is NOT machine washable~!

you also may want to use a liner when you actually put it on the pillow. depending on how tight the stitches are, holes might show thru. I was going to try to slip a knitted pillow cover over a casing made of a similar or the same color fabric.