Chemo Scarf

I have a very dear friend who was just dx with breast CA. I am making her an assortment of chemo caps and am looking for a head scarf pattern.

I have a lovely Schaefer silk that I would like to make a square scarf out of but can’t find a pattern.

Any ideas?

I’ve seen pretty patterns for a kerchief that can go over the head but they are more triangular. I’m trying to remember the book I saw it in…

You are right, I ment to type triangle not square:wall:

the whimsey is a pretty and airy/ lacy one

I’ve seen others that are just garterstitch in a tirangle with ties . KPC has a few of those.

this one uses laceweight/ fingering

This isn’t quite the same, but I saw it and thought I’d share.

I can’t find what I’m looking for, but maybe a triangle scarf with long tails that she can wrap around and tie over the bottom of the triangle? :think:

OHHHHH, I really like that one, I may have to give it a try. I have lots of “cap” patterns and was looking for something different.

I followed the link on the pattern to elann and ordered the suggested yarn in THREE colors.


Oh good! I think most women would want something that covers there head pretty so this looks like a nice one. Be sure to share your FO and comments on the pattern!

The pattern looks really easy. PLUS, I get to learn a new “technique”: Provisional Cast on. The pattern gives directions for PC using a crochet chain. I looked at Amy’s video and she just uses a piece of yarn, do you think it matters which way?

Also, the elite yarn has a little elastic in it, I am assuming this is vital to the success of the fit, right? I have some nature cotton but there is no elastic in it so I guess I’ll have to be patient and wait for the elite to arrive

Cotton is not very stretchy so I imagine the elastic would make it more comfortable when wrapping the scarf.

I use this provisional CO. I can’t get the hang of Amys.

That looks MUCH easier!

Hi GinnyG

I made the CHemo Do-Rag
out of sugar and cream … I think it would have been better using the Cascade Fixation cotton/elastic yarn.

Personally, I did not want any “lacy - open” knit caps.

Also my friend made me a lapghan … with fun fur and homespun yarn. It was perfect to cuddle with on my down days after chemo.

I will say a prayer for your friend and her family.

You are a great friend … bless you!
… KC