Chemo cap?

An aquaintance at school (DD is in my DS class) has cancer. I noticed that she was wearing a wig at the Christmas program on the 20th of Dec.

We’ve had some nice conversations, so it isnt’ like we are total strangers. AND she has complimented my knitting (MY hearing language is words of affirmation, so she’s like my best friend forever now…rofl.)

I’d like to make her a chemo cap. But…how long is one without hair? I could problaby make it in a couple days…I’m generally not a “gift giver”, but acts of service IS my lanugage. And I just want to make this little thing for her.

Would it be silly?
What would be the best yarn I could get for her without breaking the bank?
I’d really like to stay away from yarn at Michaels or JoAnns…and get something from the LYS, just cuz I’m a yarn snob…lol…but IF they DO have something I’d be game for using it.


My first inclination would be to cotton, and since you are a self-declared yarn snob, I’d look at a rayon or silk as well. First priority would be that it’s softer than soft. The scalp is so sensitive that even the slighest irritation will make the hat unwearable. I would avoid wool since the various things used in softening the wool and colouring it could easily irritate. I would also avoid anything that is too fuzzy. I would be afraid of it possibly pulling out any remaining hair, and to many that are going through chemo, whatever hair you can hold on to is very precious. Also, as the hair begins to grow back in, you don’t want anything that may snag or pull at it. That’s also a consideration when you are deciding on a pattern too.

HTH… just my 2¢ {CAN of course!},

I just made 3 caps for a friend/coworker’s aunt. And she asked for more! Her aunt has been given hats but my friend tells me they weren’t as soft as the ones i made. I used a knifty knitter for the first one and used a Berroco Chinchilla yarn, and made a chunky outside suitable hat out of Plymouth Encore Mega in a cream color, and also a multicolored one in Plymouth Encore DK Colorspun. Your LYS should have some suitable patterns for caps. the first two I made I have hear fit better, the last being a little big. I too recommend soft soft soft and as little wool as possible. The Plymouth I used had some wool in it but not much. Wouldn’t alpaca be excellent for this? Since I’ve been asked to make more caps, I am off to the LYS today to score some more yarn! :thumbsup:

got the PURDIEST mercerized cotton!!! I got 2 free patterns too!!! :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to get started on this. It seems like it will be a quick knit.

I also got 2 addi’s to do my socks on 2 circulars.


finish Ichord strap for purse
finish socks
start chemo cap
start connie’s poncho
work on connie’s afghan!!

sigh…soooo many things!!