Chemo cap help

Hello everyone!
I am new to the site and absolutely love it! I learned how to knit a year ago by a family member and still need help on certain things, but learning. This site has helped me so much! :cheering:
I had been busy and had put knitting on the back burner until Sept 06, when my father was diagnosed w/ cancer. We spent many nights and days at a cancer center so I took up knitting again. I now knit on a regular basis and have decided to knit hats for those going through cancer. If any out there does the same or has any suggestions, let me know!
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Hi and welcome to KH!

Do you mean suggestions for patterns or something else?

Any pattern in a soft yarn will do, but here’s a few sites that can help, too.

Hi Jessica,
I have been knitting over 50 years. I knit baby & childrens sweaters, hats, booties, etc. for the Senior Center here in my town. They sell them at a reduced price, because most seniors are on a fixed income. The money the center makes goes back into the center to pay for the different clubs they run. I just love knitting. I do some crocheting also.
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nanny74 of RI

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Those are two brilliant sites that Jan posted.

There’s also Knitting Pattern Central and Lion Brand who have quite a range of chemo hats as well.

This next link isn’t knitting but I think it’s useful to know about:

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