Chemo cap for Arizona

One of the ladies I work with asked me to make her a chemo cap. I made one earlier, but now our weather is getting VERY HOT. Could I have some suggestions as to what kind of yarn would make a hat that would not be TOOO hot for our weather. I am thinking 100% cotton? and any pattern help too. I did the one from the St. Louis page before, that knits up in about 2 hours.

I’ve made some chemo caps out of GGH Bali and the recipient says they’re really comfortable. :thumbsup: It can be a little hard to find though…I think Knitpicks Shine Sportwould be a great choice too. 100% cotton tends to stretch/not hold its shape so great, so personally I’d go with a blend.

Lots of patterns here: Head Huggers

My favorite :wink: :mrgreen:

I did use a blend yarn on the last one…but with our weather being so HOT, I am afraid a blend now, might be too warm on the head.

Check out the patterns Julie suggested. Her favorite is a really pretty one! :wink:

There are many yarns that are a blend, but mostly cotton. I would go with one of them because they are easier to work with than plain cotton.

However some people do like cotton like Bernat Cotton Tots. It is soft and might be what you need.