Chemo Cap/Anything Hand-Knit Project for Mason's Mom - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Hi y’all. I don’t know if any of you have been keeping up with Mason’s post about his mom.

She’s getting ready to start a new round of chemotherapy after enduring surgery.

Would anyone be interested in knitting up some caps for her?

Perhaps if we had enough interest, each person could knit one or two.


I’ve never organized anything like this, so I’m open to suggestions.

I’d be happy to knit up a couple. Did you have a specific pattern in mind? There is a pattern on Lion Brans’d website. When do you want them by?


I am totally open to suggestions…

Should we all do the same? I think that people have different knitting skills…so I don’t think it would matter if we made the same pattern.

I don’t even know what kind of yarn is best. I need to do some research.

Oh, and as far as when to get them in by? Hmmm…I figured we’d see who signs up and go from there. Sorry…this is a work in progress…

I’ll pm Mason as soon as we have firmer plans and see how he wants to do this. He doesn’t know I’m organizing it, but I did ask if he thought she might like some extra caps. We might say, let’s get them sent to him by such-and-such date and send them directly to her (or him), according to what he prefers. Or, he might prefer only one person have his address (say me) and I send them out to him.

We’ll figure it out.

I was just thinking about something to do for Mason and his mom when I saw this post. I’m not a very fast knitter though due to work and still having a teen in the house :hair: but I know I could definitely get at least 1 out :slight_smile:

That’s perfect! I think we all have grown to love Mason and want to do something. That’s what this is about. Anything anyone wants and can do will be appreciated.


I’m game :slight_smile: and if I have enough fiber left I may do it from my hand spun stash. and I have your address so I can mail the hat to you if that is what the plan is.

There are some nice patterns at Head Huggers.

I’d like to make one.

I love those head hugger patterns!


I was looking at those head hugger patterns last night when we were first discussing this project. Those look pretty good! :slight_smile:

oh man, seriously? The chemo cap? You know the bad luck I had with making that. hahaha!!! How else can I help?

My experience has been that you want to use the softest yarn possible, and making a hat without a seam is even more ideal. Knitting in the round lends itself nicely to this kind of project…just a thought. Gail

We need to know if she has any fiber allergies.

Good point! :thumbsup:

I would love to knit a hat up. Please let me know the details.

Hi all!

Sorry for the delay in responding to the posts. I’ve had a very hectic day at work.

I will contact Mason and find out about any allergies.

Meanwhile, should we give ourselves a month? Is that too long? I know that many of us have children who are finishing up the last few weeks of school, so the activity level has probably picked up a bit.

Thanks for the links to the patterns! Y’all rock!

I’ll check back as soon as I hear from Mason.


Hi all!

I just heard back from Mason, and he’s very appreciative that we are doing this for his mom.

He said that she is not allergic to any fiber. I think that what we should do is send the hats to me, and I’ll send them to her in one or two packages.

If you want to include any kind of card or note, please feel free to do so. I’ll send whatever you include.

I’m still doing some research about patterns and yarns. I’ll get back to you shortly.

Here’s something I found on

[li]Softer yarns (such as cotton) are more comfortable.[/li][li]Lion Brand MICRO-SPUN yarn is a very soft yarn (and is 100% Acrylic and Machine Washable & Dryable).[/li][li]The new fun fur yarns are fun, soft and lightweight[/li][li]Thinner, seamless, non-lumpy caps are good for sleeping and increased comfort.[/li][li]Hats made with thinner yarn would be better for summer weather use.[/li][li]Cotton is great for summer hats and warmer climates as it is cooler than most other types of yarn.[/li][*]Most of our hat patterns work well with thinner, cotton yarns as well as with worsted weight yarns.[/ul]

Thanks for finding out the info. I’m going to make a trip for yarn later this week and will start by next week. Now if I can just figure out circular knitting, I’ll be all set!



There are some good videos here. Let us know if you have any questions!