Checking tension

The stitch count after completing the ribbing section and doing the increases is 79 stitches before beginning row 1 of the pattern.

That make sense. Row 1 is knit the sts so you end with 79.
Row 2 begins and ends with 79sts [6 + (18x3)+13+6=79]

There may be a typo in Row 3 and it should read:
Row 3: K4 *yf, K17, yf, K1, rep. from * 3 times, yf, K17, yf, K4
That means that is takes 79sts to work row 3 and after working the row you will have 87sts because there are 6 increases in the 3 repeats plus 2 more increases at the end of the row.

Can you give us just Row 4 of the pattern to check that number?

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That looks like the solution. I like it when nunbers add up!

I’m with you there!

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Row 4
P7 *K5, K3tog, K5, P7, rep from * twice, K5, K3tog, K5, P7.

Yes, again in order to work this row you need 87sts. If you work the repeat 3x in row 3 you end row 3 with 87sts ready to work row 4. And again you have to work the repeat 3x
7[5+3+5+7]x3, 5+3+5+7=87
There are two decreases as you work the row and the stitch count will decrease 8sts. That will leave you back at 79sts once row 4 is finished.

This pattern is going to take a bit of math to check the rows for errors.

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I worked out the number I would do for a swatch if I was trying this and it’s a cast on of 43.
Thought I’d share in case it helps.
On the swatch I would do the repeated section just once and also work the parts before and after the repeated section, and the numbers work out this way.
Row 1. knit 43
Row 2. P6, k13, p5, k13, p6
Row 3. K4, yf, k17, yf, k1, yf, k17, yf, k4 (47 sts)
Row 4. P7, k5, k3tog, k5, p7, k5, k3tog, k5, p7 (43 sts)

Perhaps you can make that swatch now.

Thank your for your reply and your patience. I think I’m going to insert lifelines.

Thank you very much for your help. I’ll give it a go. I’ve never had a pattern before where it was difficult to even knit the swatch. Usually, pattern swatches use a set amount of stitches and rows in stocking stitch and this one is something I’d never have worked out on my own and still can’t…

You’re welcome. This one is particularly tricky!
See how you get on with these first rows, the rest of the swatch might be a lot easier than expected. If not you can ask for help again.
And yes, stockinette swatches are much easier!

Thank you for your support. Much appreciated.

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