Checking out LYS

DH is interviewing for a job about 1 1/2 hours north of where we live. This would mean that we would relocate. So, like any good knitter, I got on the web and checked out the knitting scene in our potentially new city. DH was amused, but insisted we check out houses first. Party-pooper!

First things first, always~

Hope your husband gets the job he wants!

:fingerwag: Hubby needs to look at his priorities.

:teehee: Good luck with the job. If it’s any comfort, I’d have looked at the yarn possibilities first, too.

Hey, it’s important stuff!!! This is our love and our therapy!

I check out yarn stops if we’re going on trips. I think you should definitely look for a house though… as close to a yarn store as possible… :teehee: