Check your Youtube subscribers/subscriptions

If you use Youtube to promote your knitting, pattern, or crochet business, check your subscribers numbers. If you’re a regular Youtube member, check your subscriptions. Youtube dumped half my subscriptions. Most of them were my knitting and crochet ones. Fortunately, I remembered the important ones and resubscribed. But I shouldn’t have had to. Youtube needs to get their stuff together. I’m not happy with them since Google took over. Check your subscriptions and subscriber numbers.

I won’t even log in on youtube most of the time. If you log into one thing google, you’re logged into them all. I make sure I log out of my google voice acct. before I close it out. My gmail is forwarded to yahoo. Somehow I had google plus crap showing up. I think, I hope, I got that stopped.

And I think my biggest complaint is that you have to listen to a million ads just to watch one video. It’s always the same ad over and over again. Really annoying at election time. I have to listen to an ad at the gas pump. I have to listen to an ad on an overhead tv when I’m in the checkout line. If I want to view the latest local weather forecast, I have to listen to an ad first. When will these advertisers get it? I will NOT buy from you just because your ads are annoying and you inconvenience me. I do not want Google spying on me to see what I watch. And why’d you have to change Youtube? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

At youtube I have a little blue [COLOR=“Blue”][SIZE=“1”]Advertisement [/SIZE][/COLOR] off to the right. Mostly I don’t see the ads people complain about. Ghosteryblocks most trackers, cookies and others. Privoxy filters out a lot of what I don’t want to see.

Youtube switched to my Facebook screen name (my real name) without my permission today. Couldn’t find anywhere to change it back. Ended up having to do another screen name. I’m not happy about my privacy being invaded. They need to get their act together.

You have my sympathy.
I’m very confused by what’s happening with Google and everything they own.
My university changed their email account to Google to save money I guess. Now I can’t log into Youtube because the university account doesn’t allow Youtube membership. It won’t let me log in the way I used to and I can’t log in with my real Google account because it automatically switches over to the university account. :eyes:
I’ve tried reinstalling Firefox and using Chrome and Explorer, but it always recognizes me. This makes me think its more than a cookie issue.
If I actually made videos myself and had subscribers, I don’t know what I would do.

One day I’ll tell you how to block adservers and just let the Youtuby goodness in. I did it with Huluplus and a few other subscription streaming services. Tell me again why I pay a subscription to see ads on there?

They’ve got ads everywhere. My son thinks I’m crazy. But I swear when the Skip Ad button appears, it changes position so you can’t click on it, forcing you to watch an extra few seconds.

Try privoxy or another ad blocker. I see very few ads, mostly the word [I]advertisement[/I] in blue at the left where the ads would be on youtube. I can’t watch shows at hulu and run privoxy or an adblocker for the site. That’s OK, my choice, and if I watch TV I still have the ads. You pay for your internet, you can choose how to view things. It may or may not matter, but I’m not running anything MicroSoft and use mainly FireFox, sometimes Opera, and save Google Chrome for hulu and a few other things. All my browsers are set to block unwanted popups. I’ve never seen the Skip Ad button, either.