Check your Harmony needles

So I got a set of size 4 dpns and loved them. Instantly my fave needle. One had a snag and they’re sending a replacement when they get them back in stock. Despite the snag, I really liked the needles since I prefer wood (they’re just nicer to touch, you know? and they don’t clink) but I like sharp points and lots of slickness. These needles have it all. So I used a gift certificate to get the whole set. The first size I pulled out to try, size 9, also had a snag. So I tested them all. Size 10.5 also had a small snag.

I’m sure they’ll send replacements, but just a reminder to go through the whole set if you have it and check so you can get the replacements ASAP. Otherwise you’ll be like me and when you need a needle size for a project, you’ll be forced to use some other needle which doesn’t even compare.

Yes, check the joins on the interchangeables also. One of my size 6’s doesn’t thread right. All the others are fine. I’ll be emailing them today.

I haven’t ordered Harmonies yet… but another note… make sure you test out the little “key” into the hole that you use to tighten the join. On my Options that I’ve had almost a year, I went to use one cord that I hadn’t taken out of the package yet…the “key” didn’t fit into the hole. I contemplated having dh ream it for me, but of course emailed KP first. Per their excellent reputation, they mailed me a new cable. I am notorious for not throwing things out, but of course, couldn’t find my order slip… but still, no questions asked. I have as many details as I could recall.
So, in summary, check the holes :thumbsup:

I got mine in the mail two days ago. I’ve been knitting with them and I LOVE them. They are even nicer than my Denise set. The ONLY thing is I’ve had to tighten them a few times while using them. I knit Continental style which means I do a LOT of moving of my wrist. So I can see how they would want to unscrew. So far so good.