Check Your BOOBS!

Hey folks,

In case you didn’t know, it’s National Breast Cancer Awareness month. And, Oct. 21 is National Mammography Day. Make an appointment RIGHT NOW to get yours. If you have an HMO, the law states that you are to receive one free mammogram every year.

To celebrate, how about everyone adopt a reminder buddy. Lots of folks do this, you pick a buddy and remind them once a month to check their boobs.

I’m picking St. Ingrid…so I’ll PM her this month and say CHECK YOUR BOOBS INGRID!

Who’s gonna be YOUR buddy?

See for more information about breast cancer, and what you can do.


[color=violet][size=7]DENI CHECK YOUR BOOBS!!![/size][/color]

Thanks, KK… Check yours too!!!


P.S. Buy some boob stamps at the post office everyone! They also have BCA postcards that you can get for $.25 and mail to all your boob-toting friends and remind them to check their boobs!

I checked…they’re still there! :roflhard:

Very, very funny. I think we would have noticed had they got up and ran away…

Now all we need is a banana with boobs - Ingrid. Or a llama with boobs - Ingid.


There is a banana with boobs where the llama came from, but I don’t think it would get past the PG-13 rating! :roflhard:

:roflhard: Hysterical!!! Love it! May have to use it elsewhere. And, I just wish that someone here at the stodgy, stuffy lawfirm where I work would have walked in just then. :devil:


:?? Is there supposed to be some boobies or something? I don’t get it

Up in the corner–a boobied banana!

Nope - Im getting a mouse with a sign.

[color=violet][size=6]JOEL! TELL YOUR DW TO CHECK HER BOOBS!!![/size][/color]
[size=2](or check them for her!)[/size] :eyebrow:

I don’t see a boobied banana :frowning: all I see is this in the top left corner:

How’s this??

And if it doesn’t work, I’m done! A banana with boobies, I actually spent time on this today! :roflhard:

same thing :frowning:

ahh! copy-paste works!

that’s really cute!!! :roflhard: :happydance:

It’s on this page. I’m done. :smiley:

I got it to work, Ingrid…OH GOD IT’S HILARIOUS… I sooo wanna use it for my avatar. I think it’s essential to remind us all to check our boobs.

Amy, can I? Puhleaaaaaaaaaase?


I really think she’ll say yes, don’t you KK…here’s my premonition:

There’s a yes in there, you just have to imagine it in the proper context.


You must have driven your parents crazy when you were a kid, Denise! Please, can I? Huh? Pretty please, I promise! Everybody elses parents said. . . . . :roflhard: