Check this out: FROM CAT TO MITTENS

Is it just me or is this questionable stash building?’:shrug:’

You gotta read it to believe it.


I’ve seen other sites where people spin their cat or dog’s hair. I dunno but it seems kinda gross to me…although I guess its not much different than using wool or angora but I just don’t think I’d want to wear my cat.

Hey, I spend lots of time and go through many little sticky rollers so that I DON"T wear my cat…

There was another thread on here not too long ago, and the general feeling on that thread was that it would be cool. I think the point was that we already get wool, silk, angora and merino from animals…it’s not that much of a stretch to get it from our house pets.

I didn’t really agree (wet dog or cat never really smells pretty, ya know?).

But as long as they aren’t making me any of those items, whatever.


That is the spitting image of one my cats!!!

I’d lose a finger if I went near him with a brush - and I’d have to pick out the 6 inch sticks and leaves and thorns from it before I could knit with it.

Plus - I live very close to a farm and my cats often come home stinking after an accident with sheep poop.

Love the idea - but I ain’t doing it :roflhard:

I’m impressed with the process of gathering, spinning and making something of it. :slight_smile: Way to go! :cheering:

Gross? Cat or dog fur is no different than any other fur and more likely it is cleaner. I wish I’d learned to knit 15 yrs ago when my cat was a kitten. She has the softest fur I’ve ever felt on a cat.

I’ve seen these too with people spinning dog fur.

But if you got caught in the rain would you end up smelling like wet dog? :shrug: :??

This topic got me thinking…this might be a strange question but could you spin human hair for yarn? I just started thinking about it and was curious.

I couldn’t get the link to load.

Jan, you have a BEAUTIFUL cat. Stroke and cuddle it for me please.

Okay! She is constantly getting pestered because she’s so cute and soft. :teehee:

Kaydee, is that your daughter in the small picture? She is so cute. I’d would love to gently pinch her cheeks. She looks like a cupee (spelling!) doll.

Thanks! She’s my niece…she does have good pinching cheeks, we love to pinch them (not hard obviously) :teehee:

my friend wanted to have his cats made into a blanket when they died -
as in skinned.
(there are people who will do that for you…)

  • will not talk smack about dead kitties. *
    glad I didn’t know how to knit back then!

Cat/Dog fur is no different than hair from sheep/angora bunnies/or goats. If it is prepared well, then it doesn’t stink any more than wet wool or angora. I spin my cat’s fur. I made a coin purse from it. I’m about to spin Great Pyranese (sp?) with Llama for a friend.

There’s possum yarn and to me that is pretty yucky…but I hear it is very soft.

If it is long enough, I’d spin it in a heart beat! Otherwise, I might miss out on some awesome fiber.

And yes, you can spin human hair. Although it isn’t soft. We’re low quality fiber animals :teehee:

does the yarn shed as much as the animal?

I did a wee test swatch from my dog (RIP) years ago when I saw a programme on tv about making jumpers from dog hair. I just twisted it with my fingers (dandruff and all) it wasn’t too appealing and a bit greasy…

:roflhard: I have the same problem with two cats and a dog. And you’re right, who would want to wear their cat? :shrug:

[color=indigo]No, you can’t spin human hair. It’s hair, not fur/fluff. Clean wet dog yarn doesn’t smell anymore than clean wet wool yarn…[/color]