Check this baby out! Great knitting gadget

So I won an auction on ebay for what would appear to be a very old little tool for knitting.

The instructions are hilarious, it explains how this wonderful (pat applied for) item will save you from the use of profanity while doing the relaxing craft of knitting!

You wind the wool around the star shaped bit and the expandable bracelet goes on your wrist. It holds the ball off the floor so it doesn’t roll away from you and pick up dirt! Ideal for travelling with =D

Cool package. Does the device really help? I think it would irritate me, but it is also a bother when balls roll around on the floor.

I wonder if they ever got their patent, because I saw something like that online the other day!

This isn’t the site I found before, but you get the idea:

I also wondered if they ever got the patent. I tried it out and it does work.

I did think it would get on my nerves too but its how you wind the wool that makes the difference.

It’s like an original go knit pouch and would be perfect for sock knitting on the go =D

I don’t intend to use it though - I collect sewing and needle craft paraphernalia - I have a deep love for Sewing Etui’s which I started collecting when I was about 10 years old.

I just got a gorgeous little german etui, a pair of scissors that fold up and look like dancing legs and can be worn as a pendant and a copleys Knit Clip (another old invention)

Photos to follow =D

Ohh I also found this:

That also looks similar.

The trouble with the old one is you have to re-wind your yarn around the holder. I guess its a great idea but a pita if you have to re-roll a ball of yarn :teehee:

more pics :teehee:

Nice scissors and tools. I click on to view your scarf and it takes me to the home page of the forum.

ahh thats because it was posted over a year ago and the forum links have all changed since then - I need to update it =D

look here is a knitting bracelet from KH :mrgreen:

That’s the one I saw before I was trying to remember… how silly of me! It’s right here on KH! :rofling:

:teehee: I knew I’d seen something similar somewhere!

I like the KH one, it means you don’t have to re-wind the ball of yarn onto the device. The KH one looks like it holds it without all the fuss however the old one, tells you to wind the wool a specific way - this stops it getting caught up in the wristlet chain.

I’ve just been sitting here looking at my find again, I really like the design. Wish I could find out about the patent!

yours is a fantastic find, and very pretty! definantly not gonna run into another knitter with the same on :slight_smile:

Mulene -

Love the old gadgetry!

I have this packed away, so no picture to share, but I have a little ceramic lion with a fabric crown that serves as a pin cushion. His little eyglasses are actually the handles of a little pair of scissors, and his tail is a retractable tape measure. It’s too sweet! I have no idea how old it might be, or exactly where it originated.

Have you seen anything like it before?


Wow Sharly - that sounds amazing if you ever get it out and can post a pic would love to see!

Not seen anything like that but I have seen “animal” pin cushions. My father had a little silver pig pin cushion which I have inherited for my collection - it was his mothers. It was in his mothers house in the 1920’s.

I’ve seen various tape measures and various etui’s but not a tape measure and scissors in one. Sounds interesting =D

Mulene -

I found this one on Go Antiques, but I’m not sure it is exactly the same. I don’t remember the goofy expression on his face like that :lol:

Plus, this one is missing the “eyeglasses” (scissors) - it’s really cute with those on.

I’m a little disappointed to see they say it’s from the sixties. Heck, I’m from the sixties!! I thought it was older than that.

I know the animal pin cushions you are talking about. I think I still have one that is a little white dog.

Oh Sharly! Thats such a cute kitsch little thing - how darling! I can imagine the scissor handles as specs!

Mulene - it really is cute. I need to dig it out and write a post about it on my blog.

Speaking of blogs - wow! I visited yours and I’m in :heart: love with your little car!! I can’t wait to have the time to go back and read more about it!

I have a softspot for cute little cars :slight_smile:

haha I love my car too - I’ve had it 2 and a bit weeks and Love love love love love it. You won’t believe what happened to it one week after I got it though! I need to sort out the pictures and make a post about that little adventure too :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooh! I found the patent!

thats very cool to see the actual patent! thanks for sharing, and that little lion is very cute too!