Check out this urban knitting advert!

This is the current advert here for one of our mobile (cell) phone companies, Vodaphone. It is about the new trend of urban guerilla knitting. Enjoy


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Cute! :teehee: Thanks for sharing.

Very cute. But I never have quite understood how people can actually afford the time or money to do that!!

Great for stash-busting!! Cute video.

I am making sure my youngest sees this.

Only old people knit!

Yeah, sweetie.:wink:

The response to it has been amazing. There is a drive now for people to submit an A4 size of knitting to be made up into blankets for homeless people so i has achived more than just selling phones

I think it’s a wonderful idea and I wish it would traverse the pond and inspire here in the States. I sent a link to my cousins in Holland to see if they have something like that there.

Pretty cool!

[color="#330099"]I believe the practice of tagging public structures with knitting started here in the states or Canada. There have been previous threads here at KH about it.

Do a search here and you will find them.

[U][B]Here is one thread from June 2007 about knitted graffiti[/B][/U].
It has been around for a while now. Location of poster is given as PDX which appears to be Portland International Airport (I am trusting my Google search without other confirmation).

I though I had seen other threads but only found that one. Perhaps a different name than grafiti[[I]sic[/I]] knitting was used for the other threads.

*Thank you, Demonica! I don’t know why the browser spell check didn’t mark that for my attention. I know I didn’t see it because I can’t spell worth a darn. :oops:

I am glad to see it has crossed to pond to UK and perhaps on to Europe. :thumbsup: [/COLOR]

Do a forum search for “knitting graffiti” (2 f’s) and you’ll see quite a few more…


My knitting group actually started a yarn bombing group for our area on Ravelry - we have a BIG ‘bomb’ planned for the end of the month-ish ;o) Someone already did the bike rack next to the bus station outside my LYS - it’s so cute and bright and cheery, I just love it!

Love it! What fun it would be to participate in something like this!