Check out this hat!

where’s YKW when you need em.

Good costume, but who in their right mind would use alpaca? I’m thinking it’s the perfect use for Red Heart.


Is it just me I think its hideous :shrug:

Imagine wearing it doing the grocery shop?

:hug: Sharon

My son thought it was gross too! I must say, it is very clever.

Lynda M

Maybe good for a Star Wars convention. But I wouldn’t wear it to the store. (well, depending on my mood, maybe) :roflhard:

I think when it’s (-15) degree out there, I would love to have that on my head and ears. Well, not too much of the head part, the ears will be warm.

:roflhard: :chair:

I :heart: it! Although I would proabbly use a dark brown color and wear only as a costume… no grocery shopping in it for me. Well, never say never ETA: and yeah, wouldn’t use alpaca!

No, it’s not just you I think it’s pretty hideous too. :ick: :ick: It’s well executed but I’ve never been a fan of Leia’s hair. Shame to waste good alpaca like that.

Nadja xxx

I was thinking the same thing!! :smiley:

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT !!! I’m totally gonna make one once my plate isn’t as full. Oh yeah baby lol… I would go grocery shopping it lmao :roflhard: !! Mickey and Wilum might not walk with me, but that’s cool :rofl: .

Might be cute in brown for halloween as Princess Lea or whatever her name was on the Star War’s movies. Not my style. :roflhard:

oh come on!! that would be awesome to wear doing the grocery shopping!! :stuck_out_tongue: imagine the look on people’s faces!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

heck yes!!! me too!! :stuck_out_tongue: :roflhard:

Actually that hat reminds me of a Friends episode. I just remember Rachel dressing up like Princess Lea at the end. :teehee:

I just had a thought…maybe wear it on a first date???
See if he had the guts to actually take you out??? :roflhard:

:hug: Sharon

hahaha thats hilarious Sharon!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :roflhard: that would be fun to do :rofl:

Well, I love Star Wars, but that is one hat that will not be on my to do list! :rofl:

OMFG! I LOVE THAT…i’m such the Star wars fan I want to make one just for the hell of it haha.