Check out these shoes!

Click on the link

I like them! I love my Converse, but they’re getting worn out. Hmmmm…


That’s so cool! Too bad I don’t have converse, those are cute :wall:

Those are so cool!

Kids would love em :heart:

:hug: Sharon

AGH! How fun!

They reminds me of my last pair of Converse I bought for a dollar from K-Mart. How do you attach the knitting part and the buttom?

:cheering: COOL!! I love Chucks!! :cheering:

Nadja xxx

Those are amazing!

I love my Chucks. I need a new pair (current ones are at the duct tape stage) but I don’t think I have the patience to knit and sew them. Very industrious.

can I suggest if you are going to get a new pair of Converse (just cuz or just to make these) to get some No Sweat shoes instead? Not made in sweat shops (hence the name) and cool lookin’ too! Get on their mailing list and they will send you their sale stuff. I got two pairs last year for $45 shipped at the end of the year. They had a buy one get one for 1 cent sale. Love my Code Pink shoes! :wink: