Check out these Aran Sweaters!


I like when Ryan watches Jakers because all the Irish farm animals wear great sweaters. :teehee:


Somehow Animal just doesn’t look right in a sweater :rofl:

booo…youtube is blocked, :frowning:



Did anyone catch the SNL sketch with Rowlf and Swedish Chef singing (with Animal, Janice, and Zoot!) It was pretty spot on. :teehee:


(It was easily found on youtube, but mods do let me know if it’s not ok to post that…)

Uhmm :?? all i’m getting is “ladies and gentleman” …

Hmm, that’s weird. It plays for me. I dunno :shrug: it’s not terrible amusing anyway, just a mild chuckle for the on point Swedish Chef and Janice, :teehee:

Any of you “older” folks remember Rolff doing the Jimmy Dean show? I used to love those skits.