Check out the X-mas light show

This is a home in Minneapolis Minnesota

:happydance: That’s Neat!!

I bet the n’bors find it less than neat though :teehee:

It needs more lights. :teehee:
Here’s another one, equally as spastic.

You can actually buy a device now that you just hook your lights up to and it does all the work for you!!! It runs about $100.00. Now everyone will be annoying their neighbors!!!

Very cool! We keep it fairly simple at my house. I agree with Dustina, the neighbors probably don’t think it is very cool!

In a neighborhood down the street from mine there is this one house that goes completely insane decorating at Christmas. They have lights on everything. It really is amazing to see and every year it get bigger. But that is the problem every year people flood into the neighborhood to see his house causing big traffic jams in the neighborhood. I always feel sorry for his neighbors just trying to get home from work or go to the store that it will take them 20 -30 min extra because of all the extra people and cars.

That’s amazing… but I can’t imagine living in that house with that going all the time…