Check out new needles!

Lantern Moon Destiny Circs, at . They have some hard to find sizes, including 7mm and 7.5mm:woohoo: . They seem to be brand new, and so of course I haven’t tried them yet. But I do have other Lantern Moons and have been very happy with them.

I usually knit with KP Options or Addis, but I bought some US 6 Lantern Moon circs at my LYS a couple of months ago (with b-day money). I actually haven’t used them in a project yet, but they’re so gorgeous! Every time I look at them I want to try them out.

DH would have me committed to the nut house for spending that kind of money on needles. I know they are high quality but good grief $25/ pair.

True, they are expensive. But I’m going to get a pair of the circs for one reason, alone: no one, and I mean NO one else makes 7.5mm except for Pony Pearls, which are plastic, which I hate (Hiya Hiya keeps listing them-- in metal-- as out of stock on their site). It is a bizarre issue with knitting needles, that American sizes go from 6.5mm (10.5) to 8mm (11). I get it with the bigger sizes, they make huge jumps, but you’re going to make afgans or loose knit sweaters with those, so who cares. But you use the 6-8mm range for some of the bulky knits where you still want something of a fit, and the gauge can be off with the difference of 2mm. I do have some size 7mm, and I use them frequently (I forget which company, but they were also something similar in price), and yet sometimes they are just not quite right. So hallelujah that someone has them, finally! So you get the cheaper ones for everything else and this is the one size where you spurge.
Not to mention, if you use them 10 times, then you’ve spent only $2.50 each time. Considering what we spend on yarn for a sweater, that’s only a tiny bit more-- and to get the right gauge?. . . Worth it to me.