Check out my YouTube friend's style of knitting

That is called combined knitting.

Knitting help also has a video or two, but I can’t find them right now. :??

I found it earlier. At first, it freaked me out. Lol

:teehee: For 2x2 or wider flat ribbing I (almost) always twist the first purl in each section. On the back I twist the first purl and knit into the back of the twisted stitches.

For knitting in the round I just always twist the first purl and since you don’t knit on the back I don’t untwist it. You can’t see it on the front at all. On the back it looks twisted so I don’t do this on say flipped up brims on hats.

It makes a tighter ribbing if you’re prone to a loose ladder like spot in ribbing between the last knit and first purl.

If for some reason Idon’t want to change to a smaller needle on my ribbing, this method works really well.

I believe this is either Combination knitting or Russian knitting. I’m an Eastern European knitter. We do both our knitting and purling with the yarn in the back.

That’s interesting. I wonder why she does all the knit stitches into the back of the stitch instead of the front…? I will try it out, to see what the difference looks like from ordinary, in-front knitting.

Sometimes I’ll knit into the back because it makes a tighter stitch. Ribbing done this way is tighter and if you don’t want to change to a smaller needle you can still get a snug cuff. My purls used to be a lot looser and I’d twist the stitches, either like this or by wrapping the yarn backwards, to tighten them up. When going from in the round to flat, I’d get more consistent gauge. Why the person in the video does it, I can’t say.

While my friend is German, I think her family is partly Russian. She’ll answer nosy questions on her YouTube videos. Lol