Check out my knit graffitti!1

some kids on my campus made this cob structure thing and with the leftovers they made this booby mama goddess statue. IT’s been so cold and wet lately so I made her a nice cozy scarf

that is fantastic. i love it!
i love it when knitting turns up in odd places. like trees or godesses.

That’s awesome! Although I have to say, I nearly spit out my coffee reading your description of the “booby mama goddess statue”. :roflhard:

I was WONDERING where they hell they put my statue :roflhard:

Love the graffitti!!! Is the scarf knit on, or is it just draped there? I hope no one takes it… Maybe in the summer you can knit her a little bikkini ::teehee:

oh, that’s neat!

On the top of the state house here in Salem, we have the “Oregon Pioneer” or some such nonsense. We should knit something to cover him.

My son is full time with the Oregon National Guard, when he first got here, the arm patch had a beaver on it, the state mammal of course,that looked like it was getting ready to, er, ‘mount’ the Oregon Pioneer. We were so glad when it was changed.

Your scarf adds a touch of elan to the little clay figure.

lol! Fantastic

That’s perfect Femmy! I love when knit graffiti looks like it belongs and had alway been there.

Love the shelter, love the statue, love the scarf.

Cool :clink:

Knit graffiti strikes again, neat. :thumbsup:

You did not mean MY goddesses?
My Bad


That’s fantastic! I love it…hmm… >:)

What a fabulous idea… you know in really cold areas or even down in the south, what a great way to get a scarf into the hands of someone who needs it…when I saw this post, I started thinking of all the statues down here in New Orleans and that would be a fun way to use all the scarves I’ve made (cause no one needs that many scarves!) and then I thought but oh, someone would steal it… but if someone needs a scarf then good for them! I’ll have to start thinking about this…

And yes, I know I could just donate my “extra” scarves to a shelter or something, but I really like the idea of the knit grafitti…

so thanks for the idea feministmama!

your welcome :muah:

That is so fun! I wanna knit graffiti! :smiley:

Go for it! I recomend using big needles (I used size 17) and some old acrylic you got lying around (I used some old homespun) and find someplace interesting to put it. Let’s start a knitting revolution!

Someone took booby mamas scarf away. Oh well, I hope it was someone who actually needed it and not some a**hole making a statement. Or security.

Nooooooooooo! :!!!:

Awesome! I’m thinking I should do something like that for a statue at the STL zoo…Maybe a blanket?? Or a tent?? hahaha

That sucks though about someone stealing the scarf :frowning: