Check Out My Birthday Pr0n!--UPDATE--MORE STUFF! MORE PICS!

I visited my parents last night for my birthday and check it out!!! I got all this between my parents, brothers, nana, and a couple aunts…

*Knitpicks Options (WOOOO!!) with additional 13, 15, 17 tips and two extra 40" cables
*0,1 16" circs
*2,3 32" circs
(I already 0.1 32" and 2.3 16" with my money :teehee: )
*a viewsizer
*a neat-o hanging storage bag
*the magnetic chart keeper
*that really cool stool in the background that opens up to store some of my stash!
*and my nana (a fellow fiber crafter–she mainly quilts, knitting hurts her arthritis too much these days) bought me 10 skeins of Plymouth Galway wool.

Then I went on knitpicks to get the rest of the needles I want and also got the Palette sampler kit and a 60" wire just to try it out.


Does your family want another daughter? :teehee: Nicce haul!

I know! I was shocked…we’re usually pretty low key about birthdays around here.

Cool stuff, and a very Happy Birthday to you!

My mom and aunts were too funny. I was SO excited with my needles and organizing everything. My nana and I were having a little coffee klatch over it all :teehee:

I look up and my aunts have this “What is wrong with her??” look on their faces and my mom was shaking her head. She said she’s never seen me so excited over a present…and she can’t believe it’s all knitting “stuff”. :roflhard:

Wow that is the best present in the whole world! Now you are totally set and you don’t have to worry if you have the needles, you can knit whatever you want!

Wow, enjoy! :muah: Your mom was probably really happy to see you so into your hobby.

Let us know how you like the needles and that stool is just too cool!

Happy belated Birthday.


[size=6][color=green]Happy Birthday!!![/color][/size]

What a great ahul!!! Your family certianly knows how to treat a knitter!!!

:happydance: great gifts!!

The Needle carrier/storage bag would it work for KPs douple pointed needles?? I need something for mine and the single pockets won’t be in till the end of Feb…

Happy Belated Birthday!!! :cheering:

Happy birthday!!! What a great selection!

Oh my…I’m in trouble! I could help myself…I went out to spend a little birthday money (a gift from myself :teehee: ).

I went to my Nana’s LYS (where she got those skeins of Galway for me) and picked up some Sockotta and some lovely handpainted sock yarn:

Then I stopped by Fabric Place in Woburn to pick up some interfacing and saw that they were having a store-wide 25% off sale!!! :cheering: How could I resist?

Here’s my haul:

So that’s
*3 skeins of Encore
*5 skeins of Cascade 220
*2 balls of a nice 50/50 wool/bamboo blend (cuz why not?)
*a half yard of lining fabric to match the bamboo
*two packages of interfacing
*two packages of T-pins
*and a stitch ripper

(the knitting mags are from my nana’s stash–and that hairy arm is my dad’s not mine! :teehee: )

So…ALL of that for how much do you ask? $65! :passedout:

I’m overwhelmed and overstimulated! There’s not ifs ands or buts about it now…I DEFINITELY have a stash! :happydance:

I’ve got projects half in mind for everything…but yeah, I’m just telling myself that. Heh. I gotta visit my parents more often!

Any other north of Boston area knitters–get thee to Fabric Place!

dustinac–I’m not sure how the tote thingy would work for KP dpns, but there are a few pouches that I’ve stuck some in. It’s handy over all

And here my dh was complaining about my itsy-bitsy stash…

I’m so glad you had a wonderful birthday! It’s nice to be pampered every once in a while!!!


Thats wonderful! I know I can’t pass up Sockatta - that stuff is pretty nice to the touch and their colors are amazing!

Enjoy and we’ll look for many more pics of completed or in progress projects! :teehee:


:happydance: Oh man!!! What beautiful yarn!!

Can’t wait to see some FO’s with that!

That handpainted sock yarn is gorgeous! And that’s a pretty cool storage stool. I need something like that so my stuff isn’t just lying in a pile on the floor, as it is right now…my birthday is in a couple weeks, I know what I’m asking for!

Ooooh, lovely stuff. Happy birthday!!

After seeing all that, I think I certainly will! :drool:

[size=6]Wow! What a Birthday you’ve had…your family must love you alot! My Birthday was on Christmas Eve and I got lots of Addis and a gift certificate to my LYS! It’s so much fun, isn’t it? I just started knitting at the end of October and I am having a blast…my stash is growing! I haven’t tried socks yet, but I want to! I love your yarn!

Merry [/size]