Check My Blog Here For Free Pattern

[B]I just added another free pattern on my Blog here.

It’s a scarf. Kind Of lacy at the edges.


Do you have a link to your blog?
Libbie :slight_smile:


It’s just on here. Right HERE. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, but I can’t see a link to your blog there either.

[B][COLOR=“Navy”]Winter Blues,

I’m sorry. Maybe it’s only coming up on my computer. :frowning:


When people talk about their blog, they mean a webpage blog, not the blog thread here on KH. Your link brought up the first page of that thread with a picture of the blanket, but no pattern. And if you mean the link to the pattern at knittingonthenet, you should put that link in. BTW, you say `another’ free pattern, I only see the one…


Thank You. I’ll remember that. but THIS IS, my only blog. I’ll have to have someone make a blog page for me. ( The Blog Spot.)

That’s fine, but it would probably be less confusing if you referred to it as your blog thread. :slight_smile: