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Went to Goodwill and recycled a sweater. Well started anyway. Read all about it here:

Hi f.mama, wow. Impressive. I knew about this but have never tried it coz I thought I’d be incapable of doing it. LIke finding the beginning thread. I have some sweaters I can’t stand, I guess I’m going to have to give it a go.

Will look at that beginning pic of yours again to help me.


Kewl :thumbsup:

You must … MUST … let us see what you make…

neato! I was afraid to try it too… like I need more yarn!

Here’s a link to the website where I leraned how to do it. Has really good photos of the details.

We have a ReKAL going on doing just that, recycling/reclaiming yarn. Info on it here. All are welcome to “re” kal along with us. :slight_smile: Tis addictive!

I tried that too this week. It’s really fun, unless your trying to unravel a 100% wool sweater which felted a bit in parts…
Let’s just say it took me quite some time!

I followed feministmama’s 1st post on this topic straight to the Salvation Army. I picked up five sweaters for ten bucks. I didn’t like the yarn of a couple after I took them apart. One was Shetland wool, factory made, and it had loom breaks every couple of feet (I used to work in a knittingmill- when the thread on the knitting machine breaks, they have to shut down and tie the break back together), so I quickly gave up on that one. I found that the most delicate yarns don’t look very nice when they are taken apart. I got one ball of ruby colored wool and enough of a lovely coral-pink cotton with which to make a summer dress for the little one. It’s not hard to do, the directions are great, but it was several hours of work to do all those sweaters. It’s going to have to be awfully special yarn to get me to do it again.