Check it out - a knit Ferrari!

This is my 4-wool drive

Forget 10 months – if it were me knitting a car, I’d need at least 50 years. :roflhard:


OMG! I would need 100 years! :shock:

I can’t even begin to imagine how long that would take! The patience!

disturbing knitted art

how disparate!

the knitted brain. anatomically accurate!

hrm 200 squares over a steel frame… :thinking: see you in a few years I’m off to knit a ferrari :wink:

Amazing…what’s next…a house?? :roflhard:


I’m in shock over the 12 MILES of yarn needed!!!

Even if you use Red Heart Super Saver that would be A LOT of money!!!

I’m thinking there are folks out there with WAY more time on their hands than I have…

That’s what I’m saying :shock:

As an art major, to me, that’s totally amazing. I don’t even have the brain power to figure out how to create something like that (For either of the links). I think my patiences would run out… quickly. YIKES!


Cool, interesting, and I admire the perseverance, but I’d rather be knitting something fo adorn my bod or someone else’s

DH sent me a link yesterday with a note, “imagine figuring out the yardage for that!” (I had been trying to figure out whether I had enough of some ebay yarn for a sweater the day before.) All I could think was, it’s not yardage, it’s mileage!

my BF sent me a link to that yesterday and included a hint that it might be possible to make a motorcycle that way too and it would look great in his workshop :shock:
(we both don’t own a car, he doesn’t even have a licence for one; we both are hardcore bikers :thumbsup:)

I e-mailed him back and wished him good luck knitting :roflhard:

That is a realistic size car, isn’t it? What is holding it up? Poly fills? I would go mental if I were to knit anything of that size ! :shock:

That is really awesome, and I certainly don’t have the talent to do something like it.

But I don’t really understand why anyone would want to. :thinking:

I mean, a little model to put on your desk I could understand. But a life-size replica?

It’s 200 + squares put over a steel frame.