Cheapest yarn to buy

I’m glad I discovered this forum! I’ve been wanting something like this for awhile.

I like Red Heart Super Saver yarn. I’m not wanting to make really, really high quality, nice things. At least right now. And it’s cheap! $3 for a big thing…I think it’s over 100 yards. can’t be beat. Or can it?

I don’t think you’ll find yarn much less than that. At least not anything you’d want to handle. Sometimes places have mill ends, but there are usually a lot of knots with it.

However, come to think of it has some really inexpensive acrylics, including Red Heart. They’re not bad!

If you want an acrylic that’s almost as good in price, and a lot nicer, go with Caron Simply Soft… but if you love the Red Heart, you go girl!!
Thanks for the tip on mill ends, Ingrid - I found some @ ACMoore - $5 for 3lbs of boucle!!!- but was a little skittish about buying it without knowing exactly what the drawbacks were…

My favorite “cheapo” yarn is TLC. Some places offer 2 skeins for $5. They make some chemical reaction happen so the yarn is actually really soft (like the Carron) and it come in verigated colors, baby colors, heathers,etc.

And when you’re ready to move onto “real” stuff you can try knitpicks. :cheering:

Cheaper yarn…well have you tried to recycle yarn yet?

Try resale shops or the Goodwill or better yet your closet perhaps and if the garment was handknit you can undo the garment and reuse the yarn.

Try knitting with strips of fabric, grocery bags, ribbon etc. Take a peek at the hardware store and knit with wire and other goodies like rope, twine, shoelaces…

I keep saying that if I ever go on Survivor I’ll be toting needles and I am sure I’ll find something to knit there, even seaweed!

TLC and Red Heart are actually made by the same company. A little Fibre Factoid for ya’. :wink:

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TLC Amore… sooooooper soft stuff. I like using it as a “base” yarn when making a scarf with fancier accents.

Another couple of options to look into are those wonderful things called:

~ Garage/Yard Sales
~ Thrift / Second-hand Stores

They take a little time perusing but you can score some good deals.

TLC and Red Heart are actually made by the same company. A little Fibre Factoid for ya’. ;)[/quote]